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1. is a website designed to help those interested in taking performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids androgenic compounds, but we do not provide them nor are we responsible for any damages that may occur if your use these products; as such viewing this information or purchasing from us will signify you agree never claim against {COMPANY} including our executives and directors. Many people believe using roids (an acronym for “reproductive organs”) can offer benefits such as quicker muscle growth—but there isn’t enough research yet on how effective they really are.

2. is a website that provides information about anabolic steroids and other regulated drugs, but we do not advocate for their usage in any manner! We cannot be held liable if clients, as well as anyone who access our website independently, abuse what they learn from us. We simply give upstanding advise on safe consumption, storage procedures/management practices, and warn against negative side effects connected with incorrect supplementation—whoever decides to take it upon himself/herself should thoroughly analyze his/her own risk.

3. The descriptions and views on this website are not medical instructions or advice, but rather are based on speculative subjective values. Every athlete who considers using these medicines should always see a professional physician first, since inappropriate usage can result in harmful side effects that can be permanent in nature. We strongly oppose children being given medicines to improve sports performance since there isn’t enough evidence to indicate if such substances have any good effect at all when taken by young people compared to older individuals (who might already naturally possess higher levels).


4. All items have printed expiration dates on the package. If you receive an expired product, please do not use it and call us immediately so that we can assist you! Unless otherwise indicated, our policies include no guarantees or warranties of any sort, which means that if something goes wrong, they can only supply replacements at your expense.


5. Customers who wish to order items and utilize our services must be at least 18 years old. UK-ROIDS accepts no responsibility for checking importation requirements or laws on the purchaser’s behalf; legal action risks incurred by failing to obey your country’s rules.

6. Due to recent fluctuations in international currency rates and changes in fulfillment costs, prices are subject to change at any time.

7. Though we take great care in selecting our products, the availability of a product may change at any time.

8. Our company policy prohibits the cancellation of orders once payments have been processed.

9. When you make a purchase, we will send you an email with an invoice that contains your order number and a list of the goods you purchased. This paper also includes the specifications for each item, as well as the cost of delivery, if applicable. When signing up, each client may pick their own password, which allows them to monitor their progress during the processing period.


10. All our products are wrapped with carbon photo paper, which makes scanners and other equipment almost hard to read. If you want an item wrapped in such a way that only those with X-ray vision can see what’s inside, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

11. The order you place with us will be delivered to the address you specify, or to the nearest address if none is specified.

12. For your convenience, we provide a variety of shipping choices, with anticipated arrival times listed below. Our airmail shipments typically arrive in Europe within 9-12 days and 1-3 business days when sent express to anywhere else on this continent; however, there may be exceptions due to unforeseen circumstances such as customs delays at origin or destination countries, which cause a longer wait.

We cannot be responsible for delivery delays during national holidays, or disruptions on the side of the shipping provider in charge of the delivery.

Before you order any item, you should be aware that the estimated delivery date is only an estimate and is not guaranteed. We are also unable to compensate for losses suffered as a consequence of delayed shipping services or additional expenses from suppliers that result in lost products, unless the loss was caused by our carelessness or lack of control.

We only ship to Germany, Canada, and Australia through regular mail, which takes 12-15 business days (no express shipping is currently offered). This minimizes the likelihood of things being confiscated at customs.

We apologize that we will not be able to reship products if a consumer fails to pick up their delivery. We regret for any delay and assure you that all hazards encountered during transportation are covered by our old buddy shipping insurance.

13. We no longer own any products after you receive, possess, and inspect the goods delivered to your designated address. We cannot also be held liable for missing or damaged items beyond that time if they were sent by us.

14. With our excellent logistics and customs experience, we not only have a 99 percent success record to the United States, but also a 97 percent success rate to Europe. If your shipments are confiscated at customs (an improbable 1% of the time), you will be compensated for the full amount of the loss.


15. If you supplied wrong shipping information, your order may not be delivered or may be sent back to use. {Because we utilize discrete ways of shipping products to clients in the first place, accepts no liability for damages suffered as a result of unsuccessful delivery and non-returnable shipments.